Markets can leave you uncertain whether to invest or wait for a correction. However, delaying investing till conditions are ideal could cause you to not only lose out on market opportunities but also miss reaching your goals on time.on.

A smart way to overcome all that’s holding you back from investing is to start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Not only does a SIP save you the bother of timing the market, but its bite-sized installments are also easier to meet. With a SIP, you stay disciplined and focused on growing wealth.

Stop delaying your investing decisions, and act now. It's time to start moving towards the future you desire.

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For Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines along with the documentary requirements and procedure for change of address, phone number, bank details, etc., please visit the Education and Guidance section on Investor should deal with only SEBI registered Mutual Funds, details of which can be verified under ‘Intermediaries/Market Infrastructure Institutions” on For any grievance / compliant, please call us on 1800-209-0007 or write to us at Alternatively, complaints can be registered on the SEBI SCORES Portal at

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.