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Our equity investment philosophy is centered on generating capital appreciation for the investor. The primary emphasis is on providing the investor with a degree of capital appreciation, superior to that of the returns from the equity class as represented by a market index over the longer term. Our core investment premise is that the equity markets are not completely efficient. A well-organized and thorough research effort combined with a disciplined portfolio management approach will enable out performance of the market index over time.

A key pillar of our disciplined approach is to stay true to the mandate of the specific fund as specified in the offer document under all circumstances. This is key to generating superior performance over time even though there could be times when staying true to the mandate may result in short-term underperformance. Our investment philosophy is a matrix framework of Company, Industry, Economic and Technical analysis. The equity team will provide many of the inputs for this framework, but we will also use inputs from external sources as and when required. This open framework is combined with an environment that encourages regular and constant debate; which we believe leads to superior decision making.

Stock categorization system
The objective of our stock categorization system is to enable us to identify stocks that are likely to be the best investments from within our universe. Each category of stock has a description of fundamental attributes that we expect the company to possess. The categorizations are as follows:
Stock Category Descriptions (eg.) Growth Prospects (eg.) Company Attribute (eg.) Financial Parameter (eg.)
Star Young companies High growth Entrepreneur vision, scalability Operating Leverage
Leader Established companies In line or better than industry Track record of leadership, globally competitive Industry leading margin / ROE
Warrior Young / established companies Better than industry Unique proposition and / or right place, right time Margin & ROE expansion
Diamond Company with valuable assets Low growth Management intent to unlock value Value of asset / business
Frog Prince Company in a turnaround situation Back to growth Intrinsic strengths in core business P2P, ROE expansion
Shotgun Opportunistic investment Positive surprise Corporate event, restructuring, earnings news Event visibility
Commodities Call on the cycle is paramount Positive Integration, cost efficiency, globally competitive Profit leverage
*  P2P - Path to Profit, ROE - Return on Equity
Stocks that fit into one of these categories typically display superior return profiles, but more importantly this enables fund managers to focus on the attributes that drive stock price performance and keep a watch for red flags.

The philosophy for managing fixed income portfolios revolves around optimizing risk adjusted returns for the investor by investing in high quality credit assets, managing interest rate risk and minimizing liquidity risk.

Our fixed income investment philosophy is based on a top down research oriented model with focus on economic data analysis. We strive to generate optimized risk adjusted returns by providing for safety of capital, liquidity of funds and investment income for the investors. The portfolios are actively managed for both the interest rate risk, credit and liquidity risk. The interest rate risk is managed across duration buckets and portfolio composition is managed through active asset allocation across credits and the liquidity risk through a well-diversified portfolio.

The investment team follows a disciplined research oriented investment process to meet fund-specific investment objectives on a long-term investment horizon. The fund manager strives for outperforming the benchmark by selecting superior credits, based on the in-house analytical credit research and interest rate direction calls without compromising on the liquidity risk.

The credit risk assessment constitutes an integral part of the investment process and is carried out across sectors covering manufacturing, finance and services. By applying the credit model, we determine and monitor the credit worthiness of an issuer and assess the credit exposure limit. Our internal credit rating acts as a powerful risk containment tool that allow the fund manager to narrow down select credits to match the credit strategies of individual funds. 

Build your career with us

We believe employees are important stakeholders in the growth and development of our organization. We value, nurture and reward the application of intellectual expertise across our company. We back this up by actively encouraging people to develop their skills and build on their professional qualifications.

We work in a knowledge driven environment that fosters and demands cohesive teamwork, unconventional thinking and continuous learning. The atmosphere is one of knowledge generation and sharing.

We aim to provide employees with an invigorating and professional work environment based on respect, openness and trust. A strong commitment to perform with a passion for excellence is what we expect from our employees.

If you're interested in pursuing a career with Invesco Mutual Fund or any of our Invesco affiliates, please visit the Invesco career center to review our opportunities. Research what makes our company one of the premier investment leaders in our industry and learn about some of the many benefits of working here.

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